[Twisted-Python] docs typo [PATCH]

Steve Waterbury waterbug at beeblebrox.gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 13 10:13:28 EDT 2002

Brian Warner wrote:
> Small typo in the PB howto, but it just so happened to be in the one place
> where it could do the most damage. Here's a patch.

Since Perspectives are defined in cred, and so are more general than 
Perspective Broker -- i.e., could be used by any service via any protocol --  
shouldn't documentation of perspectives be (at least in theory) part of 
a more general doc on authentication, rather than specifically the PB howto?  

(But don't get me wrong -- I appreciate *any* documentation and patches 
thereof, including this one!  Not meaning to sound ungrateful ... ;^)

-- Steve.

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