[Twisted-Python] Mailing list archives -- ideal for Twisted?

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Thu Sep 12 22:25:35 EDT 2002

Random IRC snippet:

<jdub> what would be really cool
<jdub> is to get rid of mhonarc and static http archives
<jdub> and have, perhaps, an nntp-based archive system
<jdub> with a web front end
<spiv> Hmm.
<spiv> That would suit Twisted nicely.
<jdub> there are a few of these around
<spiv> Hmmm....
<jdub> but it would be cool for twisted

Basically, a unified web/nntp mail archive, that uses a common backend,
but has a twisted.web and twisted.news front-ends could make for a
really cool Twisted app.

Any thoughts?  ("Yes!  I will write this!" particularly welcome ;)


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