[Twisted-Python] version control, QA, branching ...

Donovan Baarda abo at minkirri.apana.org.au
Thu Sep 12 09:31:32 EDT 2002

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 08:06:24AM -0400, Zooko wrote:
> There are four new version control systems that sound interesting to me:

The one I find myself using the most is PRCS. It has heaps of limitations
(no network support, RCS backend so poor binary deltas) _but_, it does
merges painlessly. I'm not sure exactly of all the voodoo it does for this,
but I find that it gets merges right nearly every time, and prompts and
allows me to overide it on the few occasions when it gets them wrong. It
handles renamed/deleted/added files painlessly, and seems to remember
previous merge preferences as defaults for subsequent merges.


Because it doesn't support a network repository, I use it to run my own
personal repository, and check in "cvs" branch(es) from cvs upstream. I then
run as many personal branches as I wish, merging and branching at will with
PRCS. When I'm happy or feel inclined, I checkin the results to cvs
upstream. I basicly use PRCS as a merge tool for CVS.

The guy who wrote PRCS has grand plans for a PRCS2 using xdelta as its
backend with network repository support, but I dunno when/if it will ever
happen. Going by PRCS, and xdelta2 so far, it will be good if it ever gets

I think something like Aegis would probably suit Twisted to a 'T'... it's
not so much a revision control tool as a software development/test/release
management tool. I dunno what it's like now, but last time I looked you
could actually configure it to use any revision-control backend you liked.

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