[Twisted-Python] 'model' attribute is showing up in processed HTML

Alex Levy alexander.levy at tufts.edu
Thu Oct 31 19:10:04 EST 2002

The 'model' node attribute from my XHTML templates is showing up in the 
final HTML being spewed by twistd.  Is there a reason Twisted does 
this?  It's causing my pages to fail W3C validation.  This isn't happening 
with the 'view' attribute.


     <td class="sidebar" view="sidebar"></td>
     <td class="content">
         <div class="title" model="title"></div>
         <span model="content"/>


     <td class="sidebar">{sidebar stuff...}</td>
     <td class="content">
         <div model="title" class="title">This is the title.</div>
         <span model="content">Content goes here.  w00t.</span>

Alex Levy
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