[Twisted-Python] grokking Cacheable

carball at hush.com carball at hush.com
Fri Oct 25 02:12:22 EDT 2002

attempting to grok Cacheable here. .
was wondering if someone could show a quick example of its correct use?
attached is what i have so far, just to test. .
i am getting this error when the observer is being serialized?
24/10/2002 09:17 [Broker,0,] twisted.spread.jelly.InsecureJelly: Class not allowed for instance: twisted.spread.flavors.RemoteCacheObserver <RemoteCacheObserver(<twisted.spread.pb.Broker instance at 0x83ab0f4>, <mon.net.rop.Cashew instance at 0x838b5a4>, <mon_server.rop_myApp.Persp instance at 0x83834d4>) at 138104980>
i havent seen any example code in the list, docs, or examples dir
about this dark corner of the pb universe, so i thought i'd ask
any elucidation is quite appreciated
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