[Twisted-Python] Fw: [Tutor] Interfacing to the web

andy surany mongo57a at comcast.net
Wed Oct 23 23:11:26 EDT 2002

Thanks. It looks like the basic building blocks are there - but I don't know
enough about how a proxy works to be able to make one (if I can avoid it).
All I really need to do is to be able to hook into the date stream, tagging
on one specific URL which I can then parse to get the data into my python
program. Unfortunately, I can't access the URL directly (cookies, etc.).

Or have i misunderstood twisted.web.proxy? The only docs I found were at

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>On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 21:08:24 -0400
>andy surany <mongo57a at comcast.net> wrote:
>> It was suggested in Tutor that Twisted might be what I'm looking for
>> (please see the thread below). The best bet appears to be a proxy to
>> which I can add some intercept logic. Anybody done this with Twisted?
>You could make a transparent proxy with Twisted, yes, since it has both
>http client and server classes. There's a module twisted.web.proxy that
>does that.
>Might not work without some munging of the returned HTML, however.
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