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andy surany mongo57a at comcast.net
Wed Oct 23 21:08:24 EDT 2002

Hi all!

It was suggested in Tutor that Twisted might be what I'm looking for (please
see the thread below). The best bet appears to be a proxy to which I can add
some intercept logic. Anybody done this with Twisted?



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Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 5:44 PM
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From the responses I have received, it sounds like a proxy is the best bet.
However, my application is meant to run on Linux, Windows, and Mac
platforms, so that may rule out some software (it looks like squid is for
linux only????, and privoxy does not allow code extensions).

So I will search for a good proxy. Anyone write a good one????? Or know of
one?(given the above caveats...).


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To: andy surany <mongo57a at comcast.net>; tutor at python.org <tutor at python.org>
Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 5:20 PM
Subject: Re: [Tutor] Interfacing to the web

At 13:03 2002-10-23 -0400, andy surany wrote:
>Hi All!
>Here is what I need to accomplish:
>     From a python program, I need to launch a browser. The user then uses
> the browser to interact with the web site. However, the python program
> must continually monitor the data from the web site to capture specific
> data elements.
>     Unfortunately, I can't point the program to the specific URL as there
> is a significant and secure (cookies, etc.) exchange that must occur in
> order to reach the page.

I see two reasonable ways to go about this.

One is to use a web proxy that acts as a man-in-the-middle.
I'm not aware of any python proxies though, but maybe it's
possible tobuild plugins for some proxies? Something along
the line of privoxy (www.privoxy.org) or squid
(www.squid-cache.org) might be useful??? See

Another option could be to build a custom web browser.
If you use wxPython, there is a HTML window component
that could be useful. If you are in MS Windows, you
could also plug into Internet Explorer or at least
use parts of it. See the wxPython demo.

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