[Twisted-Python] New Documentation Stuff

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Tue Oct 22 09:18:08 EDT 2002

OK, so after a few more iteration, the Twisted book is starting to stop
looking like a first-grader fingerpainting excercise stuck with magnets to
the refrigerator and instead now has that sleek, polished and professional
look you'd expect from a sixth-grader. 

Enjoy: http://twistedmatrix.com/users/moshez/book.{ps.bz2,pdf}

As a side effect, generate-domdocs has acquired to ability to generate
table of contents. You will notice it in the documentation for the next
release (1.0.1). Also, the hand-coded ToCs from the pb-*.html stuff have
been mercilessly ripped out.

What's in store? I'm hoping my (or someone else) will add an ability to do
footnotes, so the hand-hacked footnote stuff can start going away. The
second thing to do is to add indexing support to generate-domdocs, and starting
to put in index stuff (this is hard work!). On my part, I will keep the 
LaTeX generation stuff up to date with the generate-domdocs stuff, so that
our users can choose both HTML and more paper oriented formats.

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