[Twisted-Python] Doc suggestion for post-installation

Jeff Bauer jbauer at rubic.com
Sun Oct 20 21:53:55 EDT 2002

I have a modest suggestion for the "Installing Twisted"
document, shamelessly borrowed from ZODB.

Upon installation, suggest that the user try running 
the following from the python interpreter:

  $ python
  >>> import twisted.copyright
  >>> print twisted.copyright.version

This would catch an obvious import error of leaving
twisted out of PYTHONPATH, or accidentally using an
older, previously installed version of Twisted.

If the line:

   __version__ = "1.0.0rc3" 

were placed in the base __init__.py file, the above
python commands could be shortened to:

  >>> import twisted
  >>> print twisted.__version__


Jeff Bauer
Rubicon Research

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