[Twisted-Python] QOTD Plugin Example

Paul Baranowski paul at paulbaranowski.org
Sat Oct 19 16:50:04 EDT 2002

Ah, I guess this is the line that confused me:

"The path of least resistance is probably just to make a directory
inside your Twisted-X.X.X directory, which will already be in your

This isn't true (at least in the windows install).

However, there is a simple fix if you do do this (as I did):  put the
register() call in the plugins.tml file in the site-packages/twisted
directory like so:

register("Quote of the Day TAP Builder",
         Example of a TAP builder module.

instead of in the TwistedQuotes directory. 

Once I did this, everything worked. :)  Yay!

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> Did you add the directory containing the TwistedQuotes directory
> to your PYTHONPATH?

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