[Twisted-Python] Twisted and the Torque Game Engine

Joshua Ritter ritterjoshua at msn.com
Fri Oct 18 09:10:10 EDT 2002

Hooray!  Torque and Twisted taste great together!

Torque is the Tribes2 game engine available for license at www.garagegames.com 

It runs on Win32, Mac, and Linux and is quite robust... in fact, I have written a Python binding for it... and used this binding to hook up Twisted... 

Here is my post on their forum:


I have used TGEPython (with small improvements) to hook up Twisted and Torque...  

Twisted is Python internet/distributed computing framework... it has support for many internet protocols and includes a very cool distributed object/RPC system... it also has an authorization (security) model and DB-API 2.0 database support... 

I am currently using Twisted for a Torque distributed content system (assets and database)... it will also be used in my server hierarchy: Master, World, Zone

I wrote a TorqueReactor for Twisted(quite trivial), the only time killer was running into a FPU precision problem... 

Enough of my yacking, check them out: www.twistedmatrix.com


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