[Twisted-Python] Book, Documentation and Other Horrors

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Sat Oct 19 06:57:25 EDT 2002

Well, in my obviously biased opinion the book is somewhat decent.
It's actually quite close to being a good guide to Twisted.
Here are the sections we are missing:

     * Web Applications
          + Authentication on the web (AKA using t.w.guard)
     * Interactive Applications
          + Connecting an instance direct to the 'net: simple examples
            with PB
          + Interchanging State: Jumping Into Jelly
          + Interfacing PB with a client-side toolkit (tkutils, gtkutils)
     * Extending Twisted
          + Writing a new reactor
          + Wrapping a new kind of select()able resource
          + Wrapping a new kind of crypto algorithm

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