[Twisted-Python] First impressions of Windows downlod

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sun Oct 13 06:08:04 EDT 2002

> > are not in the Windows distro.  Equivalents are in the 'scripts' 
> > directory. Once I added 
> > 
> >   if __name__=='__main__':
> >       run()
> This is bad :)
> Check out the stuff in the bin/ directory.

I would have done if it was included in the Windows distro :-)
If you include it as is, it still will not work on Windows. If you
make them end in .py, then someone who ran the default Windows
Python installation would just be able to execute them, but
without an extension they will need to type 'python' in front.

I don't know enough about distutils to know if this can be
fixed post-install, but I expect to be learning over the next
2 months; we haven't even made a distutils setup.py for our
package yet.  And we will have exactly the same issues.

BTW I fully support separating the "kick off" script from
the functionality.  We're working a lot on things like McMillan
installers, so an app or distro can be shipped as one .pyz
file which works on all platforms.  Sysadmins in big companies
like one-file apps a lot!  This means putting scripts/docs/examples 
outside the code archive, exactly as you have done.  

> In general, assume you you don't need to change stuff to get Twisted
> to work :)

A noble goal for any product :-)
In general it works extremely well and the docco is excellent.

> Until Twisted fixes its windows installer, please try (and recommend
> to your co-workers to try) the source distribtion (yes, I realize that
> installing-twisted.html says otherwise)

Actually I will try to keep them slaving away on other stuff;
testers for installation routines are only useful once, or
maybe twice if they have really short memories :-)



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