[Twisted-Python] New web project

Donovan Preston dp at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Oct 10 17:39:24 EDT 2002

On Thursday, October 10, 2002, at 01:59 PM, Jeff Bauer wrote:

> Actors:  User, User-session, Facility
> 1. Each Facility would be handled by a single
>    long running process (LRP).  Currently we
>    handle each User-session in an LRP, which
>    actually simplifies session management
>    somewhat, but makes other things at the
>    application level more complicated.

One way to handle this would be to have Apache do a ProxyPass in a 
VirtualHost directive to Twisted instances running on different ports. 
I do this where I work, and it works very well.

A better way to do it is with twisted.web.vhost.NameVirtualHost. I have 
not used this, but it occurs to me I should, because looking at the 
code it really is very simple. However, since you also have the 
requirement that each Facility be it's own LRP, you may also need to 
learn about twisted.web.distrib if you go this route. I will defer to 
someone who knows more about vhost and distrib on this one.

<snip -- someone who knows more about distrib and authentication please 

> 4. I presently drop a Cookie in the User's browser
>    representing the ID of the User-Session.  From
>    reading Itamar's posting (Dec 17 2001), I gather
>    that I should consider sessions rather than
>    cookies.

Sessions are implemented behind the scenes as a cookie. Since it is 
very simple to request a session from the request object 
(request.getSession()), and it handles the cookies for you, I recommend 
doing that.

Hope this helps a little!


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