[Twisted-Python] the news tap

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Tue Oct 8 03:20:47 EDT 2002

I dislike *immensely* the news tap's usage of raw_input -- this is just
WRONG. This means that a future usage.Options which uses a GUI (which
is not that unlikely) would be reduced to asking questions on the console.

In all cases, the raw_input should have been parameters on the command line.
I would like to take this moement to remind you what taps are and are not:

* a tap plugin is not "the cannonical way to use a module"
* a tap plugin is a way to prgrogrammatically record useful ways to configure
  an Application

Thus, in my opinion, the current news tap should be split into

* A dbnews plugin, which asks for the db parameters
* A picklenews plugin, which asks for the file name
[A future hack: * A dirdbm plugin, which asks for a directory name]

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