[Twisted-Python] Improvements to twisted.protocols.smtp

Anders Hammarquist iko at cd.chalmers.se
Tue Oct 1 19:05:26 EDT 2002

In a message of 01 Oct 2002 09:02:27 -0000, Moshe Zadka writes:
>> Index: twisted/protocols/smtp.py
>I have a general problem here: the REs are very complicated and undocumen
>Please use re.X and comment the RE

Ok, they can probably be improved as well. I'll look over them some more.

>> -class User:
>> +class User(Address):
>I'd prefer containment rather than inclusion here.

Any particular reason? I don't feel strongly either way...

>> +            del self.__messages
>> +        self.sendCode(500, 'Line too long')
>this seems like it wouldn't work. the client would send the rest of the
>long line, which look like a beginning of a command

You're right, of course. Setting raw mode and reading until we see
a newline should fix it. I guess the fact that sendmail gets this
wrong too is no excuse ;-)

>> +        if not self.__helo:
>> +            self.sendCode(503,"Who are you? Say HELO first");
>be liberal, at least in the framework. if a user wants to allow
>nonusing of helo, he should be free to do this. you can enforce helo
>in validateFrom


>> -        self.__init__()
>> +        self.__from = None
>> +        self.__to = []
>>          self.sendCode(250, 'I remember nothing.')
>what about __messages?

It's only valid inside a DATA command, so it's not around to be

I'll integrate your thoughts and send a new patch in a few days.


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