[Twisted-Python] broken link: http://twistedmatrix.com/page.epy/philosophy.html

Erik Myllymaki erik.myllymaki at starpointe.ca
Tue Nov 26 19:39:15 EST 2002

An article with the folowing summary was linked form the librenix.com site
to http://twistedmatrix.com/page.epy/philosophy.html

"Twisted Python began as just a Python implementation of Twisted Reality; a
framework for multiplayer text-based interactive fiction. Having previously
had experience mostly with Java and C++, I was amazed by the amount
flexibility and self-awareness that Python had. When a 20,000 line project
went to approximately 3,000 lines overnight, and came out being more
flexible and robust once it had been completed, I realized I was on to
something really good. "

Any idea where I can find this article these days?


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