[Twisted-Python] stupid case sensitive web clients

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Sat Nov 16 02:24:27 EST 2002

On Friday, Nov 15, 2002, at 07:22 America/New_York, Matthias Urlichs 

> Hi,
> Hamish Lawson:
>>>> I have a stupid device that's talking to a Twisted web server that
>>>> demands HTTP headers to be capitalized Like-This
> Ouch. What does the manufacturer of said stupid device have to say 
> about
> this?

Nothing worthwhile, I made them rewrite their protocol entirely (from a 
bastardized nonworking SOAP-like XML based protocol to a relatively 
optimized binary protocol that makes sense), but I still have older 
devices that I need to use from time to time.  I'd like to be able to 
use them (a) without modifying my twisted install and (b) without 
writing a new protocol entirely.


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