[Twisted-Python] stupid case sensitive web clients

Matthias Urlichs smurf at noris.de
Fri Nov 15 07:22:49 EST 2002


Hamish Lawson:
> > > I have a stupid device that's talking to a Twisted web server that
> > > demands HTTP headers to be capitalized Like-This

Ouch. What does the manufacturer of said stupid device have to say about

> Nevertheless the headers are almost always presented in the HTTP spec and 
> other reference materials in the style 'Content-Type'. I would guess 
> therefore that this style will be the one most widely adopted by those 
> broken clients that expect a particular capitalisation.
Personally, I'd rather send them as cOnTeNt-tYpE on principle, so that
those idiot devices / programs actually get _fixed_ sometime.    :-/

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