[Twisted-Python] tap-relative filenames?

Matthias Urlichs smurf at noris.de
Thu Nov 14 16:16:54 EST 2002


Paul Moore:
> On Unix, yes, quite probably. But on Windows, storing data in an
> application-relative location is quite common.
On Windows, programs are not installable without an elaborate installation
program dance. Some people consider that a bug -- on Mac systems, for
instance, you drag the whole application to the hard disk, _that's_it_,
and a sensible application will _never_ write into its own program space
(it could reside on a read-only file server).

> On Windows, there are no standardised directories like /etc or
> /var. So absolute filenames are much less usable, in general.
Setup stuff under Windows typically lives in that arcane thing called

> > This seems akin to the classic UNIX question "how do I find the name
> > of the executable?" to which the answer is "you don't".
Under Linux, you readlink("/proc/self/cmd") (and check if that file exists
and has the same inode). Other OSes are not interesting.  ;-)

> If there isn't a way of locating the tap file at the moment, is there
> any possibility of one getting added?

That'd interest me too.

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