[Twisted-Python] grokking cacheable, take 2

carball at hush.com carball at hush.com
Thu Nov 7 08:04:22 EST 2002

ok, the insecurejelly error i was getting i found was actually
due to trying to store the observer(s) in the Cacheable object itself. .

evidently jelly doesnt take too kindly to having these objects 
in there when it serializes the Cacheable. .

i was able to get around this by storing the observer in the perspective
that is passed as the first argument to getStateToCacheAndObserveFor

the docs say storing the observer(s) in the Cacheable is the preferred method no?

"It is recommended that your object maintain a list (note: library support for this is forthcoming!) of observers, and update them using callRemote when the Cacheable changes in a way that should be noticeable to its clients."

so, my new question is: what IS the preferred way to store observers?
i have a feeling the answer was in the first round of responses i got
( greatly appreciated, thank you ), but i still do not entirely understand what the best method would be. .

again, thanks for the advice AND the KILLER framework. . :D

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