[Twisted-Python] newbie comments on documentation

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Nov 6 21:40:17 EST 2002

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:08:14 +0100, Alexandre Fayolle <alexandre.fayolle at free.fr> wrote:
> The file quoters.py uses twisted.python.components.Interface, though the
> text in the Plugin HOWTO says that "Note that this module does not
> import any Twisted functionality at all!". It is not clear if the
> Interface declaration is needed or not from reading the code and the

That is the result of a disagreement between Itamar and I: I keep taking the
Interfaces stuff out, he keeps putting it in :-).  I wrote the original doc and
that's what the text reflects.  The declarations are not necessary and can be
omitted if you like.

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