[Twisted-Python] Question regarding widgets

lals;dfjsd twisted_low at contact.com.my
Tue Nov 5 02:54:46 EST 2002

Dear People,

I am newbie with some background using zope. I am trying to use twisted in a web application that is going to be launched in my office. Problem now is that i cannot get the example to work ( Example ) ..... 

Specs :

1. os --> windows 98
2. python --> python-2.2.2

This is my autoexec.bat :

@SET PYTHONPATH=C:\python22\lib\site-packages\twisted\

i can't seem to get the Example even to compile and looking through the docs doesn't seem to help much. One question can i use the --personal option on a windows machine ?
I get an error that says it cannot find the pwd module. Can someone please help me or at least point me somewhere where there are some docs ???

Thanks in advance

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