[Twisted-Python] Another IRC patch.

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Sat Nov 2 09:40:05 EST 2002

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002, screwtape at froup.com wrote:

> * ircsupport drops notices on the floor
>   - people on #python get treated rudely, for whatever reason (I've
>     never been to #python).

See below.

> * ircsupport maps notices onto privmsgs
>   - IM clients can't tell the difference, and might do stupid things
>     to notices that they shouldn't do (sample circumstances might be
>     bots or "I'm away right now, but your message has been logged"
>     messages.)

Indeed, that would be bad.

> * ircsupport keeps them seperate, and we change all the rest of
>   twisted.im to understand the difference between notices and privmsgs
>   even though pretty much no IM system besides IRC implements it.
>   - I get the feeling that twisted.im is supposed to be the
>     intersection of all IM protocols, rather than the union.

Why? Certainly, other protocols might develop notices too. I definitely
think the native .words protocol should support them. If a client has
code to (potentially) display notices in some manner, and the protocol
it was using didn't support notices, the client wouldn't get that code
activated. Certainly not the end of the world.

> There are of course other solutions - notices could be logged to the
> console and not passed through the twisted.im framework

That's equivalent to dropping them on the floor, or worse.

> I'm curious - exactly what happens to people on #python whose clients
> filter out the chanserv notice?

The client filters out the chanserv notice containing URL to the FAQ,
they don't read the faq and...well, I hardly need to spell out what
happens next, right? Bottom line, they get told to "fix their client
or get a better one".

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