[Twisted-Python] newbie: connecting to a PB service from a web resource

Paul Stevens paul at nfg.nl
Fri Nov 1 08:59:21 EST 2002

Hi all,

I'm trying to build a small webapp that will allow me to connect to a remote PB
service. Results from the remote calls are to be used in a simple DOM template.

Is this feasable ?

I've got all the building blocks functioning alright, using the pbquote.py and
pbquoteclient.py code as examples.

However, when I try to integrate the code from the commandline client into the
dom resource, I'm lost.

How can I make sure the client waits a while -- until all callbacks are
handled ?

I can see the refcount growing on the server side each time I connect to the
clientside webserver. But how to disconnect.

Clues or pointers anyone ? Thanks.

  Paul Stevens                                  mailto:paul at nfg.nl
  NET FACILITIES GROUP                     PGP: finger paul at nfg.nl
  The Netherlands________________________________http://www.nfg.nl
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