[Twisted-Python] Coil refactor more or less done

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Mon Mar 25 06:46:14 EST 2002


Background: COIL is a configuration system for Twisted, allowing you to 
manage and configure your server via the web, developed by glyph. To test it 

$ mktap coil
$ twistd -n -f coil.tap

And point your browser at http://localhost:9080

In CVS, the coil system has been refactored, and now resides in 
twisted.coil. I feel that at this point it is now usable for configuring 
real apps. Real world use will help us find missing requirements and find 
issues and bugs. Examples of how to use it can be found in twisted.coil.plugins.

Things that should really be coiled include cred, to the point that you can 
use coil to administrate users for manhole. t.mail is another candidate, and 
of course any servers based on twisted.

If you are not using CVS Twisted, do not use coil - the interfaces have all 
been changed. You can still play around with it however, since it does work 
in the released code as well.

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