[Twisted-Python] Some Win32 comments

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Mar 17 23:03:13 EST 2002

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 09:34:05PM -0400, Tyler W. Wilson wrote:
> I was trying to get the Twisted IM client running, and have a few 
> comments related to config issues on Win32. Here they are:

Thanks for your feedback.

> [snip stuff about setup.py]

> i would also suggest that the files in the bin folder have the .py 
> extension, so that on Windows we can associate them to the python 
> interpreter, which would simplify things.

The real problem here is that Windows isn't very command-line centric,
so there's no clear way to do this.  The UNIX procedure is to put bin/*
in /usr/bin/ using your package manager (debian's "apt", for example).

What we need is a win32 equivalent to the bin/* scripts -- probably a
few .pyw files with trivial GUIs on them.  Renaming these to e.g.
twistd.py would cause several problems -- 1, twistd (et. al.) is not a
python module and should not be importable with 'import'; 2, these
scripts would apparently do nothing when invoked in Windows, unless you
have them bring up a terminal window -- in which case they will do
nothing but briefly flash a help message in a terminal window which will

Rather than documenting the current state of affairs for win32 users, we
ought to make things work in an appropriately windows-y way instead of
relying on the fact that (some of) the stuff in bin/ just happens to run
on Windows.  Part of this Windows-centric experience of Twisted involves
COIL being fully functional, which it is not yet; that's why we haven't
started polishing up the distribution.  Soon though :-)

> 3 im (Tk) fails to save config state, if HOME is not set, since the ~ 
> will return exactly, and this is an invalid filename charcter under 
> Win9x. Either split it to check, or put in an error/warning.

Thanks for the fix -- Paul, any comments? :-)

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