[Twisted-Python] This seems too good to be true... :-)

Nils R Grotnes nils at paragon.no
Sun Mar 17 21:52:47 EST 2002


> Oh, you'll probably be hearing more about Twisted in the coming
> months.... muwahahaha!

Ah! (Or should that be: Eh? :-) I actually stumbled into this place because
I was searching for good DNS support in Python. There's a sourceforge package
that I think is supposed to be added to the standard release sometime in
the future. But I found it very incomplete, and rather ugly. I haven't looked
very hard into the twisted version, but superficially it looks much cleaner.

> > most of my bad habits... :-) Hopefully I can do some bug-hunting, testing
> > and maybe even a little documentation after a while? (I dual boot to Win95
> > and have installed ActivePython there, if that can be useful.)
> This is great! We would love your help. Documentation and win32 support
> are two things that need focus. More heads working on these would be a
> _very_ good thing :-)

I'm in, then! I must warn everyone that I'm currently on a 28.8 Kb modem.
I'm working on getting a cable connection, but until then I'm slow to reply
and not too keen on repeatedly downloading huge chunks of bytes...

> > /usr/lib/python2.1/site-packages/twisted, but there's no twisted.pth file
> You shouldn't need a .pth file, here. You're supposed to qualify all
> packages inside the 'twisted' package.

I get it. Looking into the Bobo, HTMLgen, Numeric, PIL and gadfly, which
are packages that use such a file, I see they have just plonked all their code
into one sub-directory.

> So anyway, what sorts of projects are you interested in doing with
> Twisted?

I'm not the typically reliable, plodding kind of worker. So I doubt I'll
ever try to volunteer for the news column... But I'm open to help out in
more time limited projects, if someone need that. Just send me an email.

I do have some ideas for coding projects, for example I am wondering if it
will be possible to rewrite this Pyne email+news client I'm currently using,
with twisted code and OO-structure. Pyne is written in Python, and have a
OE/Pegasus look that I think is rather good. Having a GUI interface that
caters to those of us used to having all messaging components in one application,
while having the *nix multi-user and modular structure in the background,
is what I'm aiming at. Though Pyne is good on the surface, the author readily
admitted that very OO it is not. He also does not update his website or reply
to emails any more...

But that's for the future, I'm currently just reading and learning.

What I will be doing, is taking notes about nits. As I'm reading webpages
and documentation, I notice errors that are probably very hard to see once
the text has been read a few times. Is there some link or address I can send
such nitlets to? Maybe somewhere on the PoundPython wikiwiki? Maybe I should
just make one...

And I'm always open to other suggestions.


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