[Twisted-Python] Some Win32 comments

Tyler W. Wilson tyler.wilson at acm.org
Sun Mar 17 21:50:54 EST 2002

Christopher Armstrong wrote:

>On Sun, 2002-03-17 at 20:34, Tyler W. Wilson wrote:
>>I was trying to get the Twisted IM client running, and have a few 
>>comments related to config issues on Win32. Here they are:
>>1 running 'python setup.py install' copies the twisted folder to the 
>><python>\lib\site-packages folder, which is okay. but if you change to 
>>the Twisted<version> folder and do 'python bin\im', it will be using the 
>>sources from the original location, NOT the site-packages location.
>>2 similar to the above, if you set PYTHONPATH to point to 
>>Twisted<version> folder, as it says to do in the README, the original 
>>twisted files will be used, not those copied to the site-packages folder.
>>so, given 1 & 2, do we really need to do the setup.py? It should be 
>>noted in the README(.win32?) that users should either: 1) set PYTHONPATH 
>>to Twisted<version> and NOT run setup.py, and include the full path to 
>>im, mktap, etc, or 2) do NOT set PYTHONPATH, run setup.py, and still 
>>include the fullpath to the bin folder.
>The README doesn't mention setup.py at all; it only mentions that you
>should set your PYTHONPATH environment variable.
True, but two items: 1) I believe it is 'standard procedure' to do a 
python setup.py for any new Python modules. And 2) I had asked on the 
IRC channels about this, and they said you shoulw run setup.py. So, I 
think it should be mentioned either way in the README.

>>i would also suggest that the files in the bin folder have the .py 
>>extension, so that on Windows we can associate them to the python 
>>interpreter, which would simplify things.
>Would it be better to detect if we're on windows and rename all the bin/
>scripts to foo.py, or maybe include a set of supplementary .bat files
>that just ran 'python bin/foo.py'? I'll implement this either way. (if
>we go with the former option, it'll require win32 users to run setup.py,
>which is probably better any way)
Is there is an issue with just renaming them with a py extension on all 
platforms? I mean, they are Python source files. And all the other 
Twisted Python source files have .py extensions. I know you use these as 
scripts on *nix.

And either way, on Windows you should note in the readme that the system 
PATH should include the Twisted bin directory. It doesnt mention this 
for Unix either, but I suppose it is needed, isn't it?

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