[Twisted-Python] This seems too good to be true... :-)

Nils R Grotnes nils at paragon.no
Sat Mar 16 23:20:51 EST 2002


I know I probably should lurk-a-lot-first, so please just tell me to shut
up if I'm somehow out of line here...

I like to state up front that I'm fresh, fresh and fresh. I switched to Debian
just recently, I have just read my first Python book, and I didn't know this
place existed until a week ago. The latter is what I wonder about in the
Subject. How come it was so hard to find you? I have lurked quite a lot on
comp.lang.python and c.l.p.announce, and I have surfed around on a lot of
Python websites, but the first I ever heard of twisted was in c.l.p.a on
the 9th. I'm very impressed with your setup and what I have seen of the code
so far, so I figure _something_ must be wrong. :-)

Ah, well. I hope I'm wrong, because I'd love both to use this stuff, and
help out. I have coded a few (professional) projects before, but only in
VB, so I'll keep my defiled hands off the code here until I've de-learned
most of my bad habits... :-) Hopefully I can do some bug-hunting, testing
and maybe even a little documentation after a while? (I dual boot to Win95
and have installed ActivePython there, if that can be useful.)

My first try to do more than babble, will be a suggestion I couldn't find
anything about in the archive; On my Debian, the package is installed in
/usr/lib/python2.1/site-packages/twisted, but there's no twisted.pth file
in the site-packages directory. After I added such a file (only containing
the word "twisted" without the apostrophes) I now have twisted in sys.path
when I start a Python shell. If it was missing for some good reason, I'd
like to know it...


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