[Twisted-Python] Mime Types ins static.File

cpaul at telemetrybox.org cpaul at telemetrybox.org
Tue Mar 5 02:29:57 EST 2002


Today I shut down Apache on my workstation and started using twisted.web on port 80 - everything is sailing smooth, I even have a startup script in rc.d.  The only issue I am running into so far has to do with mime types. 

In static, mime types are defined by the dictionary File.contentTypes - Is there an elegant way to dynamically set the mime types at mktap time?  Or would it be better to hack static.py to use Python's mimetypes module along with a common mime.types file? 

I am currently using: 

	contentTypes = mimetypes.read_mime_types('/usr/pkg/etc/httpd/mime.types') 

for my default mime types dictionary (this mime.types is from Apache).  This is obviously not a cross-platform solution.  By default, a NetBSD machine does not come with a mime.types database, instead it has to be installed with Apache or Netscape.  

Would it make sense for Twisted to come with it's own mime.types file? 


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