[Twisted-Python] Licence of examples

Benjamin Bruheim grolgh at online.no
Fri Jun 21 12:59:27 EDT 2002


After some speculation I stumbled across a little nut, what happens if I use LGPLed examples. Are these a part of the library and thus define the code itself as a library, or will they give Glyph a pica-percentage copyright on huge works based on the code?

So, there's this file LICENSE that everyone must read through for fun. There's also an EULA coming up each time I install something on windows that I've never read through, except for fun. However, there are people believing in such inane matters, so I found this portion:

  5. A program that contains no derivative of any portion of the
Library, but is designed to work with the Library by being compiled or
linked with it, is called a "work that uses the Library".  Such a
work, in isolation, is not a derivative work of the Library, and
therefore falls outside the scope of this License.

That states: The examples are not a part of the library, thus they are just copyrighted by glyph. So, everyone who used the pb-echo-examples, Glyph owns that code (partly). I don't know what rights he inherently has, but he has the copyright.

What kind of licence should the example have? I would like to place it in Public Domain, because if stuff can be taken from there, then we should be able to place stuff there as well.

Benjamin Bruheim
benjamin at inout.no

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