[Twisted-Python] A Farewell to Arms

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Jun 19 04:34:57 EDT 2002

As detailed in my previous message, the .arm() method and patterns which
required its use with respect to Deferreds were problematic:


This is no longer the case.  Rejoice!  For the average application author, this
means that a confusing and obscure corner of the API has been swept out of
their view, where it never should have been in the first place.  For the
Twisted systems programmer, this means that you have more predictable and
consistent control over execution of a Deferred's processing chain regardless
of whether you "own" it or not.  It is all around a good thing.

As most good changes do, this resulted in a reduction of the total amount of
code in Twisted by a nontrivial number of lines.  It also fixed some previously
intractible bugs relating to AOT and Marmalade being unable to deal with
copy_reg registered types correctly.

Even better, the document in CVS (doc/howto/defer.html) has been updated to
describe this behavior, down to the subtle details of implementation.

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