[Twisted-Python] latest release & solaris

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Fri Jun 7 20:42:38 EDT 2002

Jon Dyte wrote:

> 2) the C extension module cBanana.c actually has some C++ style
> comments in it. I think this is fine for gcc, but solaris' cc
> compiler is less forgiving. I just edited the file. 

OK, this is fixed in CVS. Thanks for the bug report.

BTW, if you could run our test suite and see all tests pass that'd be 
cool - they should, but it can't hurt to get tested on more platforms:

Run in text mode:
$ admin/runtests -t

Run in text mode with poll() reactor:
$ admin/runtests -t poll

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