[Twisted-Python] FTP Client protocol for Twisted..

Michael Bacarella mbac at netgraft.com
Mon Jan 21 13:35:08 EST 2002

Hi, I just joined the list.

For your public enjoyment I present an FTPClient protocol
implementation for Twisted. The class definition:


Example code:


ftpclient.py should go into twisted/protocols to use
the example. You may decide that it's better to suck it
into a different file. The example simply logs into
ftp.uu.net (anonymous), retrieves and prints a directory
listing, and then exits.

I developed it because I wanted to use Twisted for an
IRC bot which needed to be able to index FTP sites, so I
basically stopped once it met my needs. Sorry if it's
missing some features..

Comments or suggestions are welcome.

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                               | New York, NY 10018
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