[Twisted-Python] Bug in t.w.w.WidgetPage

Sune Kirkeby sune-twisted at mel.interspace.dk
Wed Jan 2 15:32:34 EST 2002

Hi all,

I think there might be a bug lurking in t.w.w.WidgetPage's handling
of Deferreds.  Take a look at t.w.w.WidgetPage.callback:

    def callback(self, result, position, decNeedsHeaders):
        if result != FORGET_IT:
            self.needsHeaders = self.needsHeaders - decNeedsHeaders
            result = [FORGET_IT]
        for i in xrange(len(result)):
            if isinstance(result[i], defer.Deferred):
                self._addDeferred(result[i], position+i)
        # print 'CALLBACK:',self.lst, position, result
        if not isinstance(result, types.ListType):
            result = [result]
        self.lst[position:position+1] = result
        assert self.position <= position
        for r in result:
            if isinstance(r, defer.Deferred):

Now consider this sequence of events:

(1) We initialize a t.w.w.WidgetPage with two Deferreds (head and
    foot), so in our WidgetPage (let us call it foo) we have
    foo.lst = [head, foot].

(2) mouth is now almost done, so it defers the rest of it's
    computation, and callback's with a string 'Hello, ' and
    a Deferred (let us call it mouth).

(3) After foo.callback is done we now have that
    foo.lst = ['Hello, ', mouth, foot].

(4) Now foot is done and callback's with a string 'World!'.

(5) After foo.callback is done this time we have that
    foo.lst = ['Hello, ', 'World!', foot]

Whoa!  We just put our foot in our mouth!  So to speak :-)

Sune Kirkeby | In general, they do what you want, unless you want
             | consistency.       --Larry Wall in the perl man page

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