[Twisted-Python] [patch] mktap web --resource

Sune Kirkeby sune-twisted at mel.interspace.dk
Wed Jan 2 11:49:10 EST 2002

Hi, all!

Attached is a short patch to add a --resource option to "mktap web",
here is the --help for it:

  -r, --resource=  <class> is the name (including module) of a subclass of
                   twisted.web.resource.Resource to publish.

So you can have any subclass of t.w.r.Resource be the 'root' of your

I have also been working on a few other things:

- an async Pytho-only PostgreSQL interface (not t.e.adbapi
  compatible, since I am not usre I like it's interface and need
  to play a bit before I figure out how I would like an async
  SQL-database interface to behave.)

- a SQLResultWidget, very dull right now but I will probably hack
  some BoboDTML support into it.

first-post-but-not-like-/.-ly yrs,

Sune Kirkeby | /* we're still looking for the end of the
             |  * server's header ... (does that make header
             |  * parsing an "out of body experience" ?  */
             |                          -- jcc.c in junkex source-code

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