[Twisted-Python] Twisted DNS issues

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Thu Feb 28 19:32:12 EST 2002

<itamar> next, if you fail to connect to a DNS server, you get a traceback
<itamar> something about passing extra args to connectionLost
<moshez> itamar: yeah, I know.
<moshez> itamar: ugh.
<itamar> now, moving onwards
<itamar> consider this code:
<moshez> itamar: I didn't know about that
<itamar> r = dns.ResolveConfResolver()
<itamar> d = defer.Deferred().addCallback(printer).addErrback(printer)
<itamar> d.arm()
<itamar> r.resolve(d, "www.zoteca.com")
<itamar> the result should be that printer() is based the IP, right?
<itamar> but it doesn't
<moshez> itamar: whatis it?
<itamar> because in SentQuery.getAnswer, we do:
<itamar> process = getattr(self, 'processAnswer_%d' % 
message.answers[0].type, None)
<itamar>         if process is None:
<itamar>             self.errback(
<itamar> etc.
<itamar> now, the first of the answers always seems to have type 5
<itamar> answers[1], 2, etc. seem to have the content
<itamar> so it always fails
<itamar> because you don't have processAnswer_5
<moshez> itamar: oh, I see.
<itamar> conclusion: DNS needs a good accepttests suite

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