[Twisted-Python] Unused variables in doSelect

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Thu Feb 28 04:00:39 EST 2002

Andrew Bennetts wrote:

 > Incidentally, the reason why I'm looking at doSelect in the first
 > place is that something seems to have changed in 0.15.2 (since
 > 0.15.0) that (on Windows at least) prevents Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break
 > from interrupting the process immediately -- it can take up to a
 > minute for it to respond.  I haven't yet figured out why, there's
 > nothing obvious wrong.  This also applies to stopping it when running
 > as a Win NT service.  On the other hand, it no longer constantly
 > uses 1% of the cpu even when idle.  I can reproduce this behaviour
 > with simpleserv.py, so it's not my code causing it :)

OK, I figured out what the issue is - glyph changed the selec.tselect() 
so that it doesn't get a timeout, so it basically freezes until it gets 
a connection (unless you have a Delayed). Apparently on Windows the 
select() system call an't be interrupted.

Add a Delayed with a timeout of 0.01 so the select loop doesn't freeze?

Real Solution:
Win32 API event loop. Patches accepted.

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