[Twisted-Python] some errors twisted does not handle gracefully

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Sat Feb 23 06:42:54 EST 2002

Cory Dodt wrote:

> 1) cause: Didn't set 'application' in a config.tac.
> results in this message in the log:
> "05/02/2002 00:50 [-] Python file
> '/home/cdodt/TwistedPlugins/dataconda/config.tac' did not produce an
> application."

OK, I fixed this.

> 2) cause: Trying to log in as an Identity that never had a password set

OK, fixed - if no password was set, verifyPassword is always false.

> 3) cause: calling a method with the wrong name on a RemoteReferenced
> object (Perspective, Referenceable, etc.)
> Well ok, duh, at least this one I can figure out.  But it should still
> be something more specific: 'RemoteMethodNotImplementedError' for
> example.

I'll let glyph deal with this.

Thanks for the bug reports!

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