[Twisted-Python] Building Clients with Twisted ... and a gopher protocol.

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Feb 18 01:56:58 EST 2002

drt at un.bewaff.net (Doobee R. Tzeck) writes:

> I'm trying to build a non interactive client app with
> twisted. Let's assume it is a webcrawler. I'm not sure how to do
> that. Might be like this:
> Create a Loop Object which checks if the desired number of
> connections are running and if not create new ones an add them as
> connectors.
> Or should I rip out application.run() and write my own look to
> better handle the starting of new crawlers?

	You may want to look at
        twisted/test/interactive/ldap_parallelsearch.py, which is an
        LDAP client that does 5 simultaneous connections, 10
        asynchronous queries (results flow in arbitrary order) per

        Of course, it ain't HTTP.

double a,b=4,c;main(){for(;++a<2e6;c-=(b=-b)/a++);printf("%f\n",c);}

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