[Twisted-Python] Event-driven version of gzip module?

l.m.orchard deus_x at pobox.com
Tue Dec 17 10:48:31 EST 2002

Still getting my head around Twisted, so hopefully I make sense in 
asking this:

Does there happen to be an event-driven version of the gzip module for 
Twisted?  That is, instead of expecting a file object to actively read 
and seek at will, it accepts chunks of data from a stream and hits a 
callback with decompressed chunks as they're available.  (Would this 
involve a deferred?)  I was trying to do something with just zlib, but 
I forgot that that doesn't do anything to handle the header of a gzip 
stream like the gzip module itself does.

Trying to handle on-the-fly HTTP decompression - at present things work 
fine if I slurp the whole response body down into a file object and let 
gzip have at it, but I'd rather stream things through a pipeline a 
chunk at a time than buffer it all up first.

Dropped into #twisted on freenode, but didn't get much response, so I 
figured I'd post here too.

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