[Twisted-Python] adbapi.operationDone

Steve Waterbury waterbug at beeblebrox.gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Dec 9 23:16:10 EST 2002

Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 03:29:29PM -0500, Steve Waterbury wrote:
> > The only way I've come up with to pass in a value to
> > adbapi.Augmentation.operationDone(done) is as follows:
> > [ lambda folderol omitted ... ]
> What about:
>    out.addCallback(self.operationDone)
> ?
> The idea of course is that you subclass operationDone to be whatever you
> want.  You're also free to ignore it; it's a convenience function.

Ah, yes, I knew it would be something simple -- thanks Andrew 
(and Bob).  

> I probably should update the "Introduction to Twisted Enterprise" doc to
> make this clearer :)

Actually, you might want to start with the doc string for 
operationDone, which says:

        """Default callback for database operation success."""

I'd suggest something like:

        """Template for [or "example of"] callback indicating 
           operation success -- subclass as desired."""

I think I would have got the idea if it had said that.  
(It isn't really what I would call a default because it isn't 
called by default ... one has to explicitly call it, which, 
as you point out, isn't the intent ... kind of a nit, but 
enough to confuse a literalist such as myself ... ;^)  

I try to adhere as closely as possible to what I think is 
the design intent of the Twisted developers (since it tends to 
make life easier in the long run ;^), so doc string hints about 
subclassing, etc., are much appreciated -- as are the Twisted 
docs, of course, which are continuously improving -- thanks!  

> > BTW, thanks for all the new twisted stuff ... I'm just starting
> > to use lore ... very cool!
> Lore's quite new though, so if you've got any feedback Moshe and I would
> love to hear it.

Okay.  I'm setting it up for our application docs, so I should 
have some comments soon.  (I had been using LyX, which is pretty 
nice, but it's even nicer to have better integrated, all-Python 
solution. ;^)  

BTW, has anyone here checked out Leo? ... seems interesting 
and might be integrable with lore ... so many documentation 
technologies, so little time ... 

-- Steve.

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