[Twisted-Python] twisted/conch/_common violates standard. also annoying.

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Mon Dec 2 06:34:31 EST 2002

I've already talked to z3p in private about this, but this has done
no good. _common is a binding to some more parts of the gmp library 
for Python, which is included in conch for speed-ups. I would like it
to be moved to a different project for Python/gmp bindings (upstream Python,
gmpy.sf.net or a new sf-based or tm.com-based project). If it will be
so moved, I'll do the Debian packaging and upload, and have the conch
packages recommend it. As is, I've currently disabled it in the Debian
build, because integrating it is just too hairy.

The coding standard specifically advises against such behaviour, for good


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