[Twisted-Python] Proposed Website Comp

Mark A. Richman mark at markrichman.com
Sat Aug 24 22:40:13 EDT 2002

I never claimed to be a graphic artist - I'm a developer, not a
designer. But I don't have time to contribute code, so I contributed an

Glad to hear *someone* liked it. I pulled the page off my site for now.

When I have time, I'll consult with my usability and human factors
colleagues to see if they have any commentary.

I'm curious to know of any popular sites that conform to Glyph's "wish
list" of acceptable web standards.


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On Sat, 2002-08-24 at 22:12, Mark A. Richman wrote:
> This is why I called it a "comp" - I'm not going to waste my time with
> "real" HTML, CSS, etc. if you aren't going to like it...which you have
> made abundantly clear.

I think you got the wrong idea -- glyph did say that it was visually
pleasing (or something similar). It was only technical things that he
had criticisms for, and I agree with him full-heartedly. I think it's
sexy as well, it just needs to be hacked on to be not so blatantly

> I simply created it as a springboard for discussion, and not as a beta
> of any kind.

I think it looks awesome, but I agree with glyph's points. Is there any
chance you'll address some of the points he made? I can't say I'll be
able to help much, but I'd like to (and surely others would be able to
lend a hand here and there).

[snip to glyph...]
> > * You're using tables for all formatting, rather than CSS.  This is
> > notorious
> > error that most experienced web designers seem to shudder at.  I
> > this

I thought this point was funny, considering the existing site uses
tables for formatting as well ;-)

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