[Twisted-Python] debian/control bug: only python-twisted depends on python-gtk

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Aug 4 12:23:15 EDT 2002

	I think there's a bug in debian/control:
	currently, only python-twisted depends on python-gtk.
	But python-twisted is only a dummy package, and it's
	presence is not guaranteed in anyway (e.g. an app
	that needs python2.2 will depend on python2.2-twisted).

	Shouldn't python-gtk be split into python2.1-gtk,
	python2.2-gtk, and pythonX.Y-twisted depend on

	And while python-gtk is not split, python2.1-twisted
	should depend on python-gtk (>= 2.1), python-gtk (<< 2.2),
	and python2.2-twisted effectively has no gtk stuff.

double a,b=4,c;main(){for(;++a<2e6;c-=(b=-b)/a++);printf("%f\n",c);}

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