[Twisted-Python] Page Templates (Zope) with twisted.web

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Apr 29 17:14:17 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-04-29 at 15:16, Tim Chase wrote:
> Twisted folks,

Hi, Tim! [An eerie chorous of the Twisted minions' voices chants a beat
later: "Hi, Tim!"]

> I experimented briefly with twisted several months ago. After banging
> my head against the Zope wall for a while, I am back to twisted. One
> ray of hope in the Zope confusion was Zope Page Templates (ZPT).
> According to http://www.zopelabs.com/cookbook/998065931, ZPT can be
> used outside of Zope. I can kind of envision this, but I am not yet
> twisted enough. Is anyone already working on using Page Templates
> within a twisted web?

That was originally the plan.  However (*nudge to dp here...*) none of
us have had a good experience with ZPT yet, and very few of us have had
experience with ZPT at all.  If I had any major web projects coming up
in the future, I'd probably implement it myself just to give it a try,
but my work seems to be taking me down a decidedly non-web path for the
time being.  (And those web things I do wouldn't be sufficiently aided
by ZPT to justify the effort.)

> I also saw some mention of using WebWare as a presentation layer. Are
> there any examples of using WebWare with twisted web.

No.  I've mostly decided against webware, since it has a rather naive
worldview and I've been unimpressed with the software technically.  My
impression of the webware _project_ is that it's very well run; their
documentation and support by *far* put Twisted to shame.   However, that
project is producing an application server I'm not too interested in.

Donovan Preston has recently become the de-facto web guru for Twisted,
and his work so far (twisted.web.domtemplate) I find fascinating; it
seems to have most of the advantages of ZPT, but it is a lot simpler.  I
have even somehow managed to coerce him into writing a little bit of
documentation, currently in CVS...

Check that out and let me know if it solves your templating issues.

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