[Twisted-Python] Tests we need - a very partial list

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Mon Apr 29 07:00:25 EDT 2002

1. twisted.protocols.socks

2. twisted.protocols.telnet

3. twisted.protocols.ftp

4. TOC and OSCAR real server testing - make fake accounts on AIM and ICQ 
servers and then test all functionality - sending messages. logon messages, 

5. twisted.protocols.oscar

6. Make sure transports close connection after loseConnection:
    - immediately if no data is in buffer
    - after they send all buffered data if there is some
    - after producer finishes if a producer is registered

7. Test producers with transports.

8. More tests for everything else (e.g. NNTP and news)

9. Automated CGI and distrib tests for twisted.web - moving tests from 
acceptests into twisted.tests.

10. There are probably lots of other untested things in twisted.web - test them.

11. Tests for all methods of twisted.protocols.http.Request.

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