[Twisted-Python] get email plus subdomain at fakeroot.org (#@%^@

Gavin Cooper coop at coopweb.org
Sun Apr 28 17:29:09 EDT 2002

Imagine, you at fakeroot.org! i.never.fakeroot.org! Yes, ~!@ Vanity @!~ 
email addresses and 31337 subdomains can be yours. How is such an 
outragiously great offer possible? Shouldn't an opprotunity like this 
be illegal?

You too are eligable for a vanity subdomain by simple working on 
twisted.names and twisted.mail until their functionality is complete 
and reliable.

What are you waiting for? Start coding for your own subdomain now!

*cough* moshez *cough* squish.fakeroot.org *cough*

Gavin Cooper / skreech

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