[Twisted-Python] HTTP updated

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Sun Apr 14 18:05:15 EDT 2002

Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:

>>1. Ability for server to read chunked data.
> How hard is this?

Pretty easy - just need the raw mode in linereciever to parse the data 
instead of just sending it onwards. Probably need to implement a 3rd 
mode in addition to raw, actually - but it's pretty simple (length in 
hex, CRLF, data, CRLF - repeat until all data is sent and then "0" and 
CRLF to end, plus some extra headers after. no big deal.)

>>2. 100 continue status (I wonder if anyone uses it)
> I read this section of the RFC; it sounds useless... do you know what is
> the intent?

"I am about to send 300MB of data. Is this acceptable?"

i.e. probably no one uses it in the real world except in specialized 
protocols that run on top of HTTP.

And yeah, this needs to run for a while, and lots of tests would be good 
too (I'm *sure* Zope3 e.g. has more.)

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